Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Green Lantern, Sandman, Flash, Captain Marvel Zombies

Green Lantern- Alan Scott
The original Green Lantern. The big gun of the JSA. Now he haunts Slaughter Swamp like his old foe, Solomon Grundy.

Golden Age Sandman
Wesley Dodds had been having horrible dreams for weeks. He saw himself tearing and eating at human flesh. He saw his friends like Jay Garrick and Ted Knight attacking the very people they had sworn to protect. And when what was left of Jay Garrick showed up on his doorstep one night, he knew the real nightmare had just begun.
Golden Age Flash- Jay Garrick
This old time speedster will still tear your skull open and eat the brains before your body even hits the ground.

Captain Marvel
And by uttering the word "SHAZombie!", Billy Batson is transformed into Captain Marvel, the world's mightiest undead...

-Some of these I would love to go back and clean up, fix, re-do; but there's just so many more to draw that I stick with what I get done and move on.

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