Friday, August 10, 2012

Disney Cyberpunk Princesses

2027, San Angeles CA. Disney Mega-Entertainment Corp. fell prey to a hostile takeover by Pan-Asian conglomerate, Yashida-Qin, becoming the worlds largest company: Yashida-Disney-Qin. Led by Snow White, Disney Princesses fled underground and began guerilla attacks on the giant corporation. Hacking websites, altering bank accounts, assassination and sabotage. Whatever it would take to bring Yashida-Disney-Qin down. But Walt Disney's evil frozen head may have different plans for the girls!

I know it's not zombies. It's a lesson on how to not name your blogs if you ever find yourself drawing other stuff than what's in the title.
Done for the annual tournament over at DeviantArt. Which I lost out on the second round. 
Maybe next year.

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